>> An author of countless articles on parenting, health, business, and the veterinary field, Katherine Bontrager is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in such publications as Leawood Lifestyle Magazine, Symptoms age-related macular degeneration (amd) is a progressive condition that begins long before symptoms occur. buy generic viagra There are some things to watch for that may indicate a vision problem and that should immediately be told to your eye doctor. walmart pharmacy prices viagra These include: straight lines appear distorted, or the center of vision becomes distorted (called metamorphopsia) dark, blurry areas appear in the center of vision (also known as a scotoma) faces or objects right in front of you may appear blurry if you have experienced any of the following then you should tell your eye doctor immediately: difficulty seeing letters or words on a page difficulty seeing while doing fine motor actions such as tying shoes or sewing difficulty with distinguishing contrast. buy viagra online   this may affect driving at night, judging distances, or reading colored letters on colored paper more trouble seeing at a distance needing more light to see contrast, such as reading words on colored paper having one or more of these symptoms may not mean you have amd. But, if you have any of these symptoms, you should see your eye doctor right away. Detection of the early signs of amd is essential to help preserve as much of your vision as possible. cheap genuine pfizer viagra   vision simulator tool the vision simulator tool found below was made to show what a patient with wet amd might see and how vision may change over time. how long after taking viagra can you drink alcohol How do i use the vision simulator tool? viagra for sale Drag the white rectangular button below from left to right or simply click anywhere along the white line and it will move to the spot you clicked. Generic viagra in canada When the button is in the left position, it shows the view from a healthy eye. viagra without a doctor prescription When the button is in the right position, it shows what the view might look like for someone with advanced amd. This is a simulation only and is not meant as an exact reflection of a person with wet age-related macular degeneration. viagra side effects loss vision Only your doctor can tell you if you have an eye disease and what will happen to your sight. buy viagra online Visit www. Visionsimulator. buy viagra Com to view a simulation of amd and other conditions.   test your vision daily remember that in addition to regular eye exams, it is important to self-monitor for signs of amd. how long after taking viagra can you drink alcohol   one simple test you can do at home is to look at an “amsler grid”. cheap generic viagra Place the grid at eye level with good lighting and stand about 12 inches away. viagra how long before it kicks in   while wearing your reading glasses, cover one eye and look at the center dot of the grid with the uncovered eye for about one minute.   notice if the lines are straight and complete. Does 5 mg viagra work First do one eye, and then the other. what to do when viagra and viagra dont work   if any part of the grid looks wavy, blurry, or dark or if you have any other symptoms of early vision loss call your eye doctor right away.   an amsler grid cannot replace a regular eye exam. viagra online   only your eye doctor can determine if you have dry or wet amd or another eye disease. buy cheap viagra no prescription     learn more about how amd is diagnosed   to listen to the full prescribing information regarding macugen, please click on the link entitled. viagra for sale cheapest how long after taking viagra can you drink alcohol Firstline Magazine, iSixSigma Magazine, and more. She has also authored two gift books for Hallmark Cards, Inc., and helped edit several books from the Chicken Soup For the Soul series. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri, and a Master’s of Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Katherine resides in Leawood, Kan., with her family.
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